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Tiffany Lane

The Diary of Charli Baltimore

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Tiffany Lane; a Charli Baltimore community

This is for actual fans. If you don't like her, we don't care. There are way too many problems in the world & worrying about your little beef isn't worth it. We accept fans of all kinds; meaning if you just love hiphop in general & aren't too familiar with Charli-- that's cool. But don't talk about what you don't know. All you need to know about her is here; school yourself real quick. We're not about any bullshit, so save the drama for your own journal. We don't discriminate against any artist; it's not our style. Got any questions? Get at me.

On A Need-to-Know Basis

AIM; dr0pthabeat
Email; c0nnerz@yahoo.com
Journal; LJ.com/~distress_

Got beef? Save it for your Hamburger Helper.